Our Mission

To empower medical decision makers to make the best possible choices regarding end of life care.

What is Your CarePlan? 

Your CarePlan enables patients and their families to make thoughtful choices about how they will be cared for in their final days. Your CarePlan is a video guided, easily completed tool that first elicits the patient's goals of care, and then guides them through treatment options in their setting of choice. Your CarePlan provides a medically and legally binding document that is accessible to all healthcare providers. 


The Your CarePlan platform has been developed to enable a personalized experience for patients considering their end of life care. Interview questions, language, and nomenclature can be readily configured to "meet the patient where they are" while reflecting the specific guidelines of the sponsoring institution. Your CarePlan is not a one size fits all solution; it has been built from the ground up to support configuration of our clients' custom requirements. 

Our Partners

Redox integration enables our platform to inter-operate with EMR platforms such as EPIC, Cerner, and Athena Health for delivery of the POLST form to client institution work flows, patient records and to facilitate provider reimbursement.  

Armor is the highly secure data center where we host our technology (servers) as part of our HIPAA compliance program. They monitor our environment actively in a manner consistent with HIPAAA HIGHTEC requirements.


Your CarePlan has completed POLST forms in hospital, assisted living and skilled nursing facility settings, with impressive results, compared to prior POLST encounters with physicians only.
By providing sensitive counseling in conjunction with our video guided tool, we have achieved a 95% completion rate with 95% of users choosing the highest rating of satisfaction.