Your CarePlan

A better end-of-life care model


Every day, patients and their loved ones are faced with difficult decisions about their medical care. The current health care model leads physicians to pursue aggressive and often unwanted treatment during the patient’s last months of life. As a result, patients all too often receive futile treatment and spend their final days and weeks in the hospital, uncomfortable and in pain. 


As patients enter their final years of life, their goals of care may move away from cure and living as long as possible towards comfort and better quality of life. When patients are told their diagnosis and prognosis and asked about their personal Goals of Care, they are far more likely to choose less aggressive measures and express the wish to die at home. By aligning therapies with patient’s goals, the quality of care and satisfaction with care drastically improves.

Discussions about withholding futile care are difficult for everyone. The Your CarePlan video guided tool gently leads and structures the conversation for both the decision maker and the practitioner. The practitioner will discuss risks and benefits of hospitalization, resuscitation and intubation, enables the patient or decision-maker to make thoughtful, informed decisions.

At the end of the visit, a fully populated POLST form can be printed to given to the patient/family and sent to all appropriate physicians.


Here is what people are saying about Your CarePlan:

"So very helpful. I am so grateful to have had this conversation."

"Extremely helpful to have this interactive tool and you available to discuss."

"This was a very important discussion I've been putting off."

"Very good, very helpful. We've been wanting this."

"Really helpful. I didn't know about this and it is such a good idea."